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Source to fix the reusable content bug in Telerik's RadEditor for SharePoint

Project Description
Telerik's RadEditor is by far the best rich-text editing experience for authoring content in SharePoint 2007. However, a downfall of the product since it's release has been the lack of support for Reusable Content when used on Page Layouts as part of SharePoint's Publishing Feature. I needed this functionality to work in the RadEditor, so after fixing the Reusable Content in the RadEditor I then created this project to make the source of that fix available to SharePoint Developers so they can extend their own implementations of the RadEditor for SharePoint, and utilize the RadEditor without hesitation.

Thanks to Telerik for creating an amazing set of controls which integrate with SharePoint so nicely to provide an unsurpassed user experience.

If you only have the lite (free) version of the RadEditor, I recommend the investment into the full control suite.

This release is unsupported by Telerik

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